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    Bathroom 2016-02-16
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  • Custom furniture in Madrid

    We have over 30 years experience in the production of bespoke furniture in Madrid and throughout Spain. Free valuation for your project.

  • Custom bathrooms in Madrid

    When doing a bathrooms; each project is then itself and with its own personality.

  • CNC Machining

    We own CNC machining machines for all kinds of specific facilities.

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Our company

We are a company dedicated to the dessign and manufacture of bathrooms, furniture and kitchen, and interior design in general. Over 30 years experience guarantee the quality of our products. Our custom bathrooms and kitchens as well as our unique interior designs are supported by this extensive experience. We specialize in furniture and mirrors as well as furniture tailored to the customer counter. We also have a wide range of standard compositions. Our poductos are made of top quality materials and superb finishes. We have a wide range of woods and lacquered.

We offer our professional advice at any moment, without obligation.